Help a Family This Christmas: Abbotsford Christmas Bureau

Please find out how YOU can get involved this Christmas by sponsoring a family or senior or hosting an event to raise funds and collect toys for the Christmas Bureau…

Stories that inspire us:

“Extremely Emotional Visit”

We are a staff of 5 and this Christmas we chose to sponsor a family instead of buying each other gifts. We were matched with a single mom with one child. Two of us are single mothers ourselves who have benefited from the Christmas Bureau in the past, for the other staff it was an eye-opening and heart-opening experience. As we arrived at the home, the young boy exclaimed, with joy, that God had sent us. It was an extremely emotional visit.

“Looking to give back during the Christmas Season”

My husband and I are new to the community, and were looking to give back during the Christmas Season. We found out about the family sponsorship for Christmas and really liked the idea. It was a simple process, and nice to be able to directly see where our money was going in terms of food and gifts for a family who need it.

Help a family this Christmas and model to your kids that Christmas is about giving the love of Jesus, not getting presents!

Go here to learn more… Abbotsford Food Bank :: Abbotsford Christmas Bureau.

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The Countdown Begins… (Ideas to Prepare for Advent Season)


How will you prepare your family for Advent this year? This year Advent begins on Nov 30th. Here are some ideas from the archives of our blog which you can glean from… Also, check your email for our free gift this year for you.

Another great place to look is to search Pinterest for ‘family Advent activities’. Here’s one example I found…
Jesse Tree Advent Calendar

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3 Questions at Supper Time to Increase Your Family Dynamics

Recently, I’ve begun asking my family at supper times three intentional Qs and you know what?… Kids want to be asked for input and want to share feedback! And their feedback is valuable.

Here’s the bones of it…

It’s based on family togetherness or accountability which breeds healthy dynamics. Why? Because at the heart of it is honour. We seek to honour each other as a family.

How to do a Family Meeting:

Ask these three questions…together…

1. What did we do well (today/this past week)? (Celebrate!)
2. What do we need to work on? (Goal Set)
3. How are we going to do that this week? (Strategize)

Are you paying attention to the wealth of feedback available from your family?

Are you working together with your family at celebrating, goal setting and strategizing?

Give it a go!

Bruce Feiler – TED Talk
Agile Programming for your family

(Not a Christian resource. I don’t agree with everything he says but that’s where I got the family meeting idea.)

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Parent Pic: Prayers and Promises for My Little Boy / Girl

One mother emailed me and suggested this as a resource for moms… There’s one for boys and one for girls…

Prayers and Promises for My Little Boy / Girl by Stormie Omartian.

Learn more from the links below…

Prayers and Promises for My Little Boy

Prayers and Promises for My Little Girl

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Repost: Hearing God’s Voice: Do We Stop To Hear Him? | Ross Road Kids

I just came across this post which I wrote in 2008. I’m so delighted that we have become a church who prays more than five minutes a day. :/ I have been deeply moved and impressed by the leaders who have stepped up to pray half-days, and full days in prayer. I have been encouraged by the parents and families who spend time praying for each other. I have been encouraged by the seniors in our church who inspire us younger generation to pray first and do less. That way we get more done in the end because when we pray, God works.

Hearing God’s Voice: Do We Stop To Hear Him? | Ross Road Kids

Merri Ellen :)

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Bond Your Family Through Prayer – Family Prayer Ideas

My family has been enjoying some bonding time. I wasn’t happy with the way we were treating each other as siblings and feeling like we were getting short with each other as husband and wife. I decided to become more intentional with our opportunities to pray together.

IMG_5872-0.JPGWe have been enjoying using prayer cards again after we eat a meal (and are much less cranky), which I had ordered for our church several years ago. They have always been super helpful in finding the words to pray for each other and to pray for our neighborhood and missionaries etc. I realized that we as a family kind of lost this. I love my early morning quiet times and we all each have our quiet times but we lost our intentional family prayer times even though we continue our family devotions before bed using, “Jesus Calling for Kids.”

Here are a few prayer card samples we enjoyed using this morning after our Saturday morning breakfast time. They have enriched our conversation and planted love in our hearts for each other rather then selfishness… (and I see it’s been helping cut down the sibling rivalry…!)

You can order these through and just search for ‘prayer’.

Dads, Moms, I urge you to begin a family prayer time if you haven’t. I’m convinced that spending time in prayer for each other is the best thing a family can do!

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3 Resources to Help You Raise Kids with Lasting Faith

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.11.00 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.04.44 AM

To access these, go to your Parenting Channel at Right Now Media library and login!

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