Parenting in the Digital Age



I just enjoyed reading this blog post book review and am going to have to read this book! I’ve had more and more people say to me that they’ve lost friendships over this… It’s also affecting our parenting…

–Pete Scazzero

A great book is so powerful that you stop reading, lower the book, and simply linger in the words for a moment. You ask God, “What might you be saying to me through this?” Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle, was one such book for me…

Read the full overview of Reclaiming Conversation,here…

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What do you tell your kids about worship?

what-does-worship-look-likeOur morning had held way too many “hurry up”s and “he did it”s, but silence reigned in our van on the way to school. I’d already delivered my morning speech about how we could have left the house more quickly, and I suspected that I sounded like the “wah, wah, wah” teacher from a Charlie Brown cartoon.

And then this happened… Read the story…

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5 Principles for Discipling Your Children

Max Lucado unpacks five tried and true principles for disciplining your children in ways that are sure to bear much fruit and give wonderful shade to the generation to come… Watch below on your Free Ross Road Right Now Media account…


Watch on your Free Ross Road Right Now Media account…

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Bring out the Best in your Kids


Bring the best out of those you love the most by creating an atmosphere of grace.

Too much of today’s Christian parenting is based on fear: fear of the world . . . fear of America’s liberal culture . . . fear of other parents’ and the church’s opinions. Best-selling author Dr. Tim Kimmel says fear, “is an excellent way to wreck your kids.”

Grace based parenting, on the other hand, relies on God’s love, replicates His forgiveness and commitment to His children, and displaces fear as a motivator for every behaviour…

Learn more… Watch the videos from you Ross Road Right Now Media account…

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God’s Not Dead 2


I took my youngest (Gr 5) to this movie a few weeks ago as I was given special VIP Preview tickets. He loved it!! He’s always been one wrestling with evidence and has read all of Lee Strobel’s books for kids. If your Grade 5 (and older) child is a deep thinker with tons of questions, they will love it! It is predictable but yet powerful.

Watch the trailer here and learn more about show times:

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Simplifying Childhood

“Too many choices erodes happiness, robbing kids of the gift of boredom which encourages creativity and self-directed learning…”

Excellent article, absolutely worth the read…on the value of simplicity parenting…

Read…: Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues | Tracy Gillett

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Final Goal Blown out of the Water ;)


Before Christmas we set a goal of raising $110 in Kids Church to send to MCC for a hand pump well for their water project. Our finish line was March 6th. Kids were encouraged to raise money by doing chores, return bottles, etc and not simply ask their parents for money. This Celebration Sunday we will announce the final total!

Learn more here:

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