Slow Down… (Enjoy Sabbath as Families)

Slowing down within our North American culture is pretty counter cultural. Busyness can easily take us away from being intentional families and away from our focus on Christ. How are you at slowing down and lingering with Jesus on a regular basis?

I wish every family could drink in the riches of learning the art of lingering with Jesus and slowing down…

Learn how to slow down as families and enjoy Sabbath rest (recent sermon download.)

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Soccer Camp starts Monday! :)

RossRoadKidsSoccerCampHello parents! :)

We are almost ready for launch on Monday morning for Soccer Camp at Aberdeen Elementary starting at 9am. Please remember to bring a soccer ball with your child. We will be providing water bottles. You may also want to consider a hat and sun screen or bug spray. PLEASE note: if you request that your child do not wear sun screen or bug spray, please let registration know on Monday so that we do not apply this to your child.

Soccer Camp FAQs for Parents!

Q: Can another child register on Monday? (Walk On)
I am afraid we are currently without any room. However, we could add them to a wait list. If so, we need their parents to please complete a registration form and kindly wait to see if we can make room for them. We cannot guarantee a t-shirt or water bottle.

Q: Can my child stay on Monday if I don’t have their CareCard#?
Unfortunately, no. For your child’s safety, we need this!!! You will also need to have the consent form signed!

Q: Can I pick up my child early or late one day?
Most likely. Please let their coach know in advance – you will also need to sign them in/out at that time they leave/arrive.

Q: When and where is the Family Thursday night BBQ?
It’s at Ross Road Community Church (3160 Ross Rd) *Come for 6pm with your lawn chair!

Q: Who is the camp nurse and where can I find her to explain my child’s condition. (Give epipen or medication)
Our Camp nurse is Sandy Nelson on Monday and she will be available at the time of registration if needed.

Q: What are the snacks each day? – My child has allergies
(We have taken note of all allergies and have planned accordingly. For further Qs, please see our Snack Coach: Ruby Setchay on Monday at the Registration table.)

See you on Monday!

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Short-term Missions Trips for Families

Short-term Mission Trips – for Families from Canada

Looking for a missions trip suitable for the entire family in 2015-2016? Each of the family mission trips below will accommodate parents and their children. Note: Minimum ages mentioned in each listing are for the adult participants; younger children are usually accommodated, but check with your local OM office.

Learn more at… Short-term Missions Trips for Families.

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Preparing Your Kids To Be Mission Minded – The Mom Initiative

Missions trips will change your life. They will wreck you. You will never be able to look at poverty the same again. You will be compelled to do something about it. Your days of sitting by thinking there’s nothing that I can do to help will quickly be erased from your thought process…you will be determined to make a difference. One day. One child. One step at a time.

Read… Preparing Your Kids To Be Mission Minded – The Mom Initiative.

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This Past Year: Where Has The Time Gone?

Wow… the year end is here (June 14th)! As I look back on the year, here’s where we’ve gone with our Gr 1-5 kids…

2014-2015 Kids Church Lessons

Jesus is God’s Beloved (Jesus’ Baptism)
God is Gracious (Parable of the Workers in the Field)
God Rejoices When the Lost Are Found (Lost Parables)

God Shows Us How to Forgive (Unmerciful servant)
Jesus Looks at the Heart (Sabbath)

Jesus Wants Us to Know the Father (Prodigal Son)
Jesus Inspires Devotion (Mary Anoints Jesus)
Jesus Is Deliverer (Last Supper)

Palm Sunday – Jesus is King
Jesus Offers Life (After His Resurrection)
Jesus Reminds Us Who We are (Peter Reinstated)
God’s Spirit Unifies Us (Ascension and HS)
The Holy Spirit Inspires Boldness (Peter Before Sanhedrin)

God Deserves Sacrifice (Stephen is Martyred)
God Designed Us for a Purpose (Paul and Barnabas)
God Calls Us to Join Him (Paul with Priscilla and Aquila)
God Calls Us to Be One (Spiritual Gifts)

I am reminded that God is gracious, merciful, and loving and invites us to be apart of His incredible redemption plan and to do His work together.
That all is amazing.
We take it for granted.
I love that we get to teach this to the kids and it becomes brand new to us every year!
Pondering…and deeply grateful…

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Spring Fair for Children and Families – June 20, 2015

Spring Fair for Families Tabor  55th Anniv flyer

A fantastic opportunity for kids, families to engage with seniors too!

Print the Spring Fair for Families Tabor 55th Anniversay flyer

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Intentional Prayer Series | Pocketful of Motherhood

Recently, a Ross Road mom passed this wonderful blog on to me with intentional prayer guides for your kids, spouse, family, friends and beyond. I LOVE to hear our Ross Road parents being intentional about welcoming the power of God in their relationships. Why try to be a parent, spouse or friend without Him? ;)

This blogger writes…

As a mom to a busy boy, I don’t have many “quiet moments” in my day. So I felt that I needed some practical tools to help me stay on track with my quiet times with the Lord. Prayer was one area that I felt like I needed to focus on more, so I created a year-long plan to help be more intentional about praying. As I was doing so, I also decided to share some of my ideas here on this blog in this 4-part series. There are some corresponding printables that go along with this series. I hope that you find it helpful!

Get her 4 Prayer Guides here… Intentional Prayer Series | Pocketful of Motherhood.

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