Thank You Ross Road Parents Who Took Part!

Before Christmas, we sent out a notice to you as families inviting your involvement with the Abbotsford Christmas Bureau and Starfish Pack program.

Well… they sent out this notice to me…! Thanks so much for your part!

The best Christmas EVER.
You are receiving this newsletter because you made it happen.

2014 was the first year the Abbotsford Food Bank and Christmas Bureau has ever reached our Christmas financial fundraising goal. We entered the season with $350,000 towards the goal of $850,000. The goal date was December 31. By Jan 23 we had news that we had surpassed our goal by $32,111!! Your generosity is amazing! Thank you for the part you played in these efforts!

Over Christmas we helped 978 children and 693 families in Abbotsford experience the joy of Christmas by supplying them with gifts and a Christmas dinner. In 2014 we helped 1,502 children each month by providing their families with emergency food. Of these children 400 of them have been identified by the school district as being in extreme need. Currently, over 200 of the 400 are being fed over the weekend through our Starfish Pack program. They are sent home from school with a back pack full of food for three meals a day and healthy snack. Thank you for your partnership in this cause to feed our children in need in Abbotsford. Please take a look below to click and read more about the ways we are positively impacting the community and how you can join us monthly. Together we make a difference and give children a hope for the future!


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For Parents: How to Disciple Your Child

How DO we as parents disciple our children?

Where do we start?

I came across some practical ways listed in the download below. Pick 1 to start to work on and add 1 perhaps each month or every few months… Just start somewhere and move forward in your discipleship plan at home. Begin today to build a legacy in your child that could impact an entire generation for Christ.

Click here to download this practical plan: How to Disciple Your Child

Need help? Overwhelmed?

– Get plugged in with a Care Group, connect with other parents within Ross Road who are on the journey of discipleship at home.

– Look for families with older kids who are following Jesus. Ask them for coffee, get to know them and ask them what has worked in their home.

– At the same time, enjoy the many faith parenting videos from your free Ross Road Right Now Media account (get your login info by emailing our front office at: info(AT)

Educate, build relationship, and start the journey. You can do it. :)

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Free Easter Devotional with Easter Passion Tree {Because Easter’s More Important than Christmas} | A Holy Experience

Today is the first day of the Countdown to Easter… the event in history that changed everything! Here’s a link to one of my favourite Family Easter Reflection Guides… Start journeying together with your kids and with your focus on Jesus! (There are 17 readings which you can spread out over the 40 days of Lent.) Enjoy an incredible faith experience this Easter!

Go to: Free Easter Devotional with Easter Passion Tree {Because Easter’s More Important than Christmas} | A Holy Experience.

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Countdown to Easter – Lent Devotional for Parents

February 18 is the beginning of the season of Lent, a time of preparation as we anticipate remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For this Lent season, you may want to enjoy Lent readings wonderfully prepared by the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. This online devotional is a great supplement to your Bible reading times and as you prepare to walk your children through their understanding of Easter. You can simply download the devotional through the link below which will take you to the seminary website. May God use this season to fill your heart with gratitude and awe because of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Click here to get a free copy of the Lent Devotional | MB Biblical Seminary.

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Subscribe to Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family Magazine

Focus on the Family has been providing Ross Road with free issues of “Thriving Family Magazine”. In order to be more cost effective, Focus on the Family would love to mail a copy directly to your door instead of sending us mass quantities. Many of you have thoroughly enjoyed their fantastic articles regarding parenting children of all ages. Learn more below…

Click here to subscribe to Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family Magazine.

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Ross Road Kids Soccer Camp 2015

Mark your calendars for Soccer Camp 2015…

Ross Road Kids Soccer Camp | Ross Road Kids in Abbotsford.

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Help a Family This Christmas: Abbotsford Christmas Bureau

Please find out how YOU can get involved this Christmas by sponsoring a family or senior or hosting an event to raise funds and collect toys for the Christmas Bureau…

Stories that inspire us:

“Extremely Emotional Visit”

We are a staff of 5 and this Christmas we chose to sponsor a family instead of buying each other gifts. We were matched with a single mom with one child. Two of us are single mothers ourselves who have benefited from the Christmas Bureau in the past, for the other staff it was an eye-opening and heart-opening experience. As we arrived at the home, the young boy exclaimed, with joy, that God had sent us. It was an extremely emotional visit.

“Looking to give back during the Christmas Season”

My husband and I are new to the community, and were looking to give back during the Christmas Season. We found out about the family sponsorship for Christmas and really liked the idea. It was a simple process, and nice to be able to directly see where our money was going in terms of food and gifts for a family who need it.

Help a family this Christmas and model to your kids that Christmas is about giving the love of Jesus, not getting presents!

Go here to learn more… Abbotsford Food Bank :: Abbotsford Christmas Bureau.

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