Meaningful Moments with God (Free Devo for Kids: Our Daily Bread for Kids)

Our daily bread for kids

Just arrived for Thanksgiving Weekend! I’ve ordered a box of 30 day samples for Our Daily Bread for Kids!

Pick one up at Ross Road. You’ll find them in the foyer or outside the Kids Zone office. First come first serve on Thanksgiving weekend!

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A Strategy for Kids Who Badger | Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN On Parenting

Carla badgers her mother. Over and over again she asks the same question. Mom says no to each request because she doesn’t want to give in to the badgering. She explains numerous times to her daughter why the answer is no. Still Carla persists. Mom is tired of it but she hangs in there with her daughter to show her that she won’t give in.

Mom believes that she’s doing the right thing. In fact, refusing to give in is great. Unfortunately, responding to her daughter’s barrage of requests, arguments, and complaints isn’t working.

Read: A Strategy for Kids Who Badger | Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN On Parenting

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Christmas Auditions for 2015: Drama and Choir

On Sunday, Dec 13th we will bless our church family and friends with our Ross Road Christmas program running in both services at 9am and 10:45am.

Auditions are open for all ages from Grade 1 and up for both drama and choir! (Kids AND teens AND adults!)

Source: misskatecuttables

Mark your calendars for Auditions happening on…

Thursday, Oct 15th @ 3:30pm and Sunday, Oct 18th @ 10:45am

…under the direction of Sharon Timmermans and Nicki Willems. Judi Petker and Pastor Merri Ellen will also be giving leadership at various points down the road.

Rehearsals will then be taking place on Sundays at 10:30am after Jr Kids Church during the 2nd service.

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Jr Kids Zone (Gr 1-5) starts this Sunday, Sept 27th @ 9am!


Jr Kids Zone (Gr 1-5) starts this Sunday at 9am!

Since Sept 13, we went from 3 to 30 leaders! (And we are open for a few more to share the rotations.) Your children will start in their small groups in classrooms to meet teachers. Please do your best to be on time for 9am. Children will then transition at 9:10am to the large group room. Trained leaders will be shepherding your children under the leadership of Bob & Elaine Regier while we train a second batch of adult leaders in the Fireside Room. Part 3 of training of parents and adults will be happening again on Oct 4th during the 2nd service.

We are in prayer for you as you parent and lead faith at home intentionally through family Bible studies, focused prayer times, drive times, family activities, service opportunities, etc. If you are overwhelmed, you are not alone. ;) Guard your own prayer and study time with the Lord and ask Him for wisdom and discernment in how to shepherd your kiddos.

Need some ideas or support? Plug in with other parents in a small group, invite another parent for coffee to pick their brain and pray together, seek out an older mentor who is intentional in their own parent discipling, visit your Ross Road Right Now Media resource at: for videos, visit House of James for materials, and visit back here and bookmark: for tips and resources too.

We are your Ross Road family!

Thank you for the privilege of helping your children find and follow Jesus!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers as we seek to be intentional in partnering with you in discipling your children. :)

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12 ways to keep calm and carry on when your kids are trying your patience

Every parent has, at some time, lost their temper with their children. And it’s a rare parent who hasn’t, in the heat of the moment, said something they later regretted. But it’s not okay to keep repeating inappropriate behaviour when you’re upset with your kids. Even when thoroughly provoked, parents need to remain in control of their reaction. That means no screaming, throwing things or using hurtful words. (And causing physical harm is never okay – not ever.) Try these ideas to help you stay composed. Remember, your kids will learn how to manage their own anger by watching you. Give them the best example possible!

Read: 12 ways to keep calm and carry on when your kids are trying your patience

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Slow Down… (Enjoy Sabbath as Families)

Slowing down within our North American culture is pretty counter cultural. Busyness can easily take us away from being intentional families and away from our focus on Christ. How are you at slowing down and lingering with Jesus on a regular basis?

I wish every family could drink in the riches of learning the art of lingering with Jesus and slowing down…

Learn how to slow down as families and enjoy Sabbath rest (recent sermon download.)

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Soccer Camp starts Monday! :)

RossRoadKidsSoccerCampHello parents! :)

We are almost ready for launch on Monday morning for Soccer Camp at Aberdeen Elementary starting at 9am. Please remember to bring a soccer ball with your child. We will be providing water bottles. You may also want to consider a hat and sun screen or bug spray. PLEASE note: if you request that your child do not wear sun screen or bug spray, please let registration know on Monday so that we do not apply this to your child.

Soccer Camp FAQs for Parents!

Q: Can another child register on Monday? (Walk On)
I am afraid we are currently without any room. However, we could add them to a wait list. If so, we need their parents to please complete a registration form and kindly wait to see if we can make room for them. We cannot guarantee a t-shirt or water bottle.

Q: Can my child stay on Monday if I don’t have their CareCard#?
Unfortunately, no. For your child’s safety, we need this!!! You will also need to have the consent form signed!

Q: Can I pick up my child early or late one day?
Most likely. Please let their coach know in advance – you will also need to sign them in/out at that time they leave/arrive.

Q: When and where is the Family Thursday night BBQ?
It’s at Ross Road Community Church (3160 Ross Rd) *Come for 6pm with your lawn chair!

Q: Who is the camp nurse and where can I find her to explain my child’s condition. (Give epipen or medication)
Our Camp nurse is Sandy Nelson on Monday and she will be available at the time of registration if needed.

Q: What are the snacks each day? – My child has allergies
(We have taken note of all allergies and have planned accordingly. For further Qs, please see our Snack Coach: Ruby Setchay on Monday at the Registration table.)

See you on Monday!

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