Family Service Project Ideas

daughter_helps_raking_the_leaves_As a parent myself, I’ve been grappling with ideas of how to model servant hood to my little ones. I’ve been trying to pick up early clues on what my children’s spiritual gifts may be.

I just read the following…

Take the time to identify the gifts and abilities within your kids as you lead them. Give them proper training that will release them into ministry. Then the Apostle Paul’s statement to Timothy will also ring true in their lives: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity”— 1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV).

This winter with all the snow, my 5 year old son had found it great fun to shovel driveways with me. We bought him a shovel just his size. One day while shovelling, he declared, “Mommy, this is fun!” I have to say, that made it fun for me – just to hear his eagerness to help others. Not to mention we got great exercise!

Have any of you being doing/thinking the same thing?
What do you do as a family to model service in ministry?
I’d love to hear your ideas!

Here are some more ideas I came across…

Family Service – Outdoor Ideas

365 Community Ideas

Family Volunteering Projects

What are things you’ve done or have encouraged your children to do?

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4 comments on “Family Service Project Ideas
  1. merriellen says:

    A mother shares…

    “This Christmas I decided to do a Samaritan’s Purse shoebox with my older son. I decided he was old enough to understand. He’s 3. So I told him about the project and let him pick the age and gender of the child. He picked a boy his age. We shopped together for the toys, etc to go in the box. He kept asking for things for himself and I would remind him that it was for the boy far, far away. He got very attached to the boy far, far away. When we carved pumpkins for Halloween, he insisted that we carve one for the boy far, far away and insisted it be in our pumpkin ‘family’ picture.”

  2. merriellen says:

    Another mother shares…

    “Both Mikaela and Tamara like to help in the kitchen with food preparation, cooking and serving of the meal. Tamara more so then Mikaela at times. Anyways I have learnt and am still learning that not only are they willing to serve and help, but they are learning to cook and defend for themselves. I have a tendency every now and then to tell them no, that I will it as it will get done quicker if I do it instead of them doing it or helping. But the more they ask the quicker I am to say YES, I would love for you to help. This past Sunday we had company coming for dinner. And Mikaela all by her self prepared and made the Ambrosia Salad with just a little help in knowing how much sour cream to put it. Tamara used the food processor to chop garlic that she peeled, did the crackers in there too and then added the hamburger meat to mix with all the ingredients and then she made the patties. Let me tell you, her patties turn out better then mine in the way of roundness. My girls like to serve in the way of cooking or baking. And to tell you the truth I am loving it. It gives us quality time together as I spend most of my time in the kitchen anyways. My girls are real givers not only of material items, but giving of themselves in the way of time.

    When I was sick with Strep-throat a couple of years ago which Tamara would of been 6 1/2 at the time, she spent almost a 1/2 hour cutting fruit into bite size pieces to make me a fruit salad. Which she brought to me in bed. It burned my throat so much because of the acid in the fruit, but I couldn’t tell her that. Especially after all the time and hard work she put into making me this wonderful and delicious salad. It was truly from the heart.

    When someone is really sick in our family for more than a couple of days, or when Cody broke his arm all our kids feel their pain and take their hard earned money or ask if there is something they could do to earn money to be able to go to the dollar store to buy a little present to help cheer them up. They also make homemade cards.

    Most of our kids have the gift of giving and expecting nothing in return.”

  3. Christy says:

    I just came across this website and have already added it to my favorites.
    I try to display servanthood to Janae and Camryn whenever I can. It sometimes takes a lot of patience on my side but i try to let Janae help me with meal prep as well as baking. I do a lot of baking and sometimes i really just want to say “no” cause i just want to do it fast. We bake these cookies together and then drop them off to people we care about. Janae also sets the table and at the age of 2.5 years she is so proud to be able to do this task all by herself. She also serves her sister by picking her clothes out for her and always willing to help find her soother!
    I agree that it is so important to teach servanthood at a young age. God called us to love and to serve and therefore we should be doing it on a regular basis, it should just become a part of our lives and daily routines.
    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement. Your articles were such a blessing to read.

  4. […] Ross Road Kids pointed to 3 resources including this massive list which includes 366 community service project ideas from the 4-H club in Nebraska, which is divided by project type. […]

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