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Powerless Parenting?

Do you feel powerless in parenting your children? So often we as parents unknowingly give complete power over to our children, and turning power over to children more often leads to mistakes and failure. It is only when we understand

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Teenagers and Toddlers – Similar Monsters

“Teenagers and toddlers have more in common than we’d care to admit. As the mother of four children—a few of them now teenagers—I understand this logic. Completely… Toddlers want your full attention. Able to feel only their own discomfort, they

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Do You Have a Difficult Three Year Old?

If you have a difficult three year old or any age in preschool, what is the problem? A recent report on MSNBC suggested that parents’ pre-occupation with their kids’ self-esteem may have produced “rude” children who lack compassion for others.

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How To Discipline My Toddler?

I had a few parents ask me this past week, “How do I discipline my toddler?” Ah, discipline – it’s the number one topic of both parents and teachers. It’s the foundation of positive parenting and teaching. So, together, the

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Where do you place your trust and hope when it comes to your children?

Susanne Scheppman recently told the story of both her son and step daughter running away and the anxiety she went through. She writes… Both my husband and I were stricken with confusion and sadness as we battled through all the

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Is Your Child Strong Willed?

Journey of a Strong-Willed Child The most powerful teaching for parenting I find is learning from others. We not only learn by watching other parents with their kids but also from their stories. Last year my husband and I invited

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